Election Update

So, I realize this hasn't been updated in very long, and unfortunately, it took a very judgmental comment by Mr. Richard (see down there?  where it shows I censored his comment?), but here is my take on the election process this year thus far.  
Both candidates fail to impress me.  No one will give a straight answer.  They have both lied about the other to try and get a leg up.   Both sides, despite professing moderation and bipartisanship have fundamentalists that take the race away from workable issues, and reroute in anger and distrust of the unknown.  Politics sucks and seem to get done in two years what most NGO's (with equal bank) get done in 9 months.  It's a shot in the dark, because there are less and less ways to get a politician to do what he said he would do once he has the power of office.  There is always a way  to swing things in your favor, when you have the upper hand.

Yes Richard, I am your worst nightmare.  Third party here I come.