I need a new roommate!

BR for rent in a 3 BR apartment in Sunset Park Brooklyn.  $700 (plus utilities which is generally less than $100)  You are taking over on part of a lease that is up on Sept 1, and would owe first month (to the landlord) and last and security (to our roommate moving out and onto CA).

Please head over to this picassa page for a tour: http://bit.ly/gwkH9N

We are 2 blocks from the 45th St "R" train, and a 5 minute walk from the 36th Street "D, N, R" which means you can be in downtown manhattan in 20 minutes if you time your trains right.  10 minutes from Park Slope festivities, 15 minutes or less on a bike. 1 block from THE Sunset Park, which has a free pool in season, and great views for all seasons.

Ideally looking for a female, but will be willing to consider the right guy.  We are on the third floor and have a pretty sweet deal.  2 balconies, 2 bathrooms (though one is private, if there is an "emergency" it IS there), dishwasher and laundry in the unit (NO MORE QUARTERS!) There is only one room for the common area, but it is a big dining/living/kitchen room. 

Also, Melody Lanes Bowling Alley, where Ralph Cramdon of the Honeymooners bowled is a 10 minute walk away.  We bowl frequently and you will be subject to peer pressure to join us occasionally.

Please head over to this picassa page for a tour: http://bit.ly/gwkH9N


Jenn- coffee shop manger-ish person/artist.  Originally from Chicago.
I am one of those DIY "creative types".  Went to school for art, play a little music.  Things to consider: I am learning to play the fiddle and it can be rough sometimes, though I am considerate of when I practice.   I enjoy cooking, and thus like to have a clean kitchen.  If you cannot humor me on this point, please consider not renting our room.  My boyfriend lives in the neighborhood, so he is over pretty frequently, but is not a live-in.   Also, I homebrew in the apartment.  It is pretty unobtrusive on a daily basis (about 1" square of floor space", but when it's a brew or bottle day, I kind of take over the kitchen for half the day.  You are welcome to participate in any part of this process, including the consumption (in moderation of course).


Gillian- works in publishing at Harper Collins in author relations. Originally from NJ, lately from Nashville.
Gillian loves to read, so no loud band practice please.  We also love movies.


You are sociable and friendly, though don't need to be babysat and mollycoddled by your roommates.  You would like to occasionally hang out with your roommates, throw a dinner party with us, feeling free to invite your sane friends.
Your significant other can stay over sometimes if they don't make us feel unsafe or skeezed out.  Though we are not looking for 2 people, so not every night.

- you have a job (or other unvanishing means) of paying your rent and can prove it
- you can and will load and unload a dishwasher
- you know what windex, lysol, and a broom are and you will not be afraid to use them
- you are okay with beer being brewed in the apartment (it is completely legal)

-ABSOLUTELY NO drama lovers, drama magnets, or drama queens.

-no one who loves hard drugs or alcoholics
-container pets only (plants, gerbils, fish etc.)

Please contact me to arrange viewing the apartment and meeting myself, Jenn, and Gillian. jromaniszak@gmail.com