Guest Post

I can't help but share these poems that arrived in yesterday's edition of the JenniferMillsNews Vol.6 Iss.24.  Jennifer and I went to school together a few times, and collaborated on a few projects and shows.  Sign up for free deliver of the whole newsletter at missjennifermills@gmail.com.

Absolutely ridiculous; love it.

Love Calculator

O Calculator of Love
Sent from Heaven above
Can you add me plus you
And see if it equals love so true?
O Calculator of amour,
Can you tell me what love is 4?
O Calculator of Bliss,
How can you multiply the infinite love in your kiss?
Please don't divide us apart,
for thou shalt subtract 50% of my heart

Love Factory
Oh Love Factory of Love,
Sent from Heaven above,
Mass Produce me love so sweet,
An Slice it into portions for me to eat.
Love Factory with your diligent employees,
Make me ten thousand pounds of Love cheese.
Love Factory, I want a full time job immediately,
But I want to be paid with a love salary.
I don't need health benefits or a 401 K
Just let me take home the extra love
At the end of the day.