"Too Polished" or "Let me just give you my card"

I will admit it, I'm afraid of people.  Despite being able to talk to random strangers, even the scary looking ones if my mom is telling the stories, I am afraid of meeting people if my own self promotion is involved.  Don't get me wrong, I cover it up really well, probably erring over to the side of coming across egotistical. Though maybe I just think that, and the false-self-awareness is what makes me nervous in the first place?  (Anyone else notice how easy my brain can morph anything into a circular, chicken or egg debate?)  But honestly, the most painful part of networking for me is getting and giving contact information.  It always seems so trite and rehearsed.  "Here, let me give you a card, which I have had made because I connect with a lot of people, you know.  I can't be writing my number out every time, I would get a hand cramp!" (insert double guffaw).

Anyway, fellow moon-light blogger, Jeannie Rose (of The Faux Gourmet and City Stories), asked me to go to the Brooklyn Blogger Meet-up at Bell House tonight.  I left my answer open ended, wondering if I could really show up and call myself a blogger when I hadn't posted in over a month, and there is so little of a theme in my posts anyway.  What do I refer to this thing as when introducing myself?  A theology blog, and cutting edge blog about a single girl in NYC? None of the specific labels fit, and it's not because this is so unique.  It's just not a very specific forum for me.  Anyway, all these things have been running around in my head, but ultimately, I'd like to pick up some writing, and I have to start somewhere.

So, last night I put together a new card.  Something that goes better with my redesign of Jromaniszak.com, up soon hopefully.  Which matches my imprint here, and on twitter, etc, etc.  Hopefully looking at my pretty design will distract people from my awkward delivery.

"Why, yes!  I would love to guest post!  Let me give you my information: