Potentially the first posting of these lyrics ever...

remarkably heartwrenching song that Dan and I figured out the lyrics to [while he talked with pops]

"Manatawny" by Manatawny Creek Ramblers

i live very simply
i know what i need
cigarettes and coffee
good soil and feed
down by the old spots
that's where ill be
just across from
the banks of the Manatawny

i farm corn & the soybeans
I tend to the hay
it goes well in september
I just might get paid
now this morning the sky
opened up with a roar
that creeping river's
outside my front door

I'm begging please...

...Manatawny back down
big river back down
from me these ragin' waters
don't look like no creek
Manatawny back down from me...

got a woman named jenny
she stands by my side
in spite of my temper
in spite of my pride
she works second shift
on the assembly line
says :
long as we got love we're doing just fine

had a home in the country
with snakes it was cursed
had us a baby
never made it past birth
and I promised some day I'll
paint you the town
today I'm just hoping
that river backs down
I'm begging please...


my pills need refilling
my lungs are a mess the doc says,
"ticker needs to lay off the stress"
says "relax boy, take it easy
before you all spent"
well it just ain't an option
when you gotta pay the rent
now I love my country
this I stand behind
what I hates not affording
a doctor for my wife
and if you can hear me
way down in DC
get a piece of my mind
if this river spares me
I'm begging please...

thought we were in for a good year
the end of the drought
its hard not to worry
and I try not to doubt
I guess faith is trustin'
without rhyme or good reason
but Jesus, I'm asking
for once, a good season

down on my knees...

[sexy harmonica]

::the end::