Zip: 25425; Coal: 72.8%

Well, yesterday was my birthday, and today was the first day of the rest of my life.   Maybe not nearly as dramatic as that.  After driving off and on for 12 hours, it's a slow start, but a good one.

The quick update for the night follows; more tomorrow morning, I promise.

Middlesex, PA for lunch where I tried scrapple for the first time.  I debated if I wanted salty or sweet, and went with french toast on the waitress's (Tamra's) suggestion.  The scrapple was so salty, which might be normal, that it took care of any savory cravings that I might have been looking to satisfy.  Grossly salty, Dan, just gross.  Papa, you might like it, though.

Driving south west after that I saw a sign for Home Depot, where I picked up a few loose ends. 

Gettysburg Apples

Pulling out to hit the highway again, I saw a sign for Gettysburg in the other direction.
Momma had suggested I go, and frankly, I have the time so left it was instead of right.  Two antique markets later, Gettysburg is 6000 acres of "intense" combined with tourist.  Some of the memorial statues were "refreshingly honest"

Gettysburg, 3rd day battlefield